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Monday, December 7, 2015

Hard Times for Caregiver, her Handicapped Brother, and Elderly Mother

Please find a way to help this amazing caregiver. Read her story below

"One year ago September 2014 my father passed away,, I had to leave my State of residence and my career to care for my brother.. I have been here caring for my handicapped brother and my elderly mom for 14 going on 15 months without any financial help.. finances are running out,, the govt will not help at this time.. we are at the beginning of the month and my family has already run out of money for the month due to bills and heat etc.. we do not have money to get through the tough times... I am going to ask that my full name not be posted.. We have no money for Christmas, no money for anything.. I am asking those who have the ability to help to give us a hand.. I have no bank account here and know nothing about tweeting.. anyone who can send anything they can have the address to send cash or money gram to the house or directly to Walmart in my town.. I know nothing about tweeting at all.. have little to no technology available to me.. Times are really tough.. I am a legit person with serious problems.. please let me know what you can do... thank you..."

Please find a way to help this caregiver at She lives in Lakemont, Georgia. She stated that she can receive money via Wal-Mart. Donors can also send money to her via Paypal. Once again, the caregiver's email is

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