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Monday, November 16, 2015

Desperate Mother Asks for Assistance. Will you help her?

Please read this story of request below "

I am writing an email today, and praying deep in my heart that there is people that care outside, people who’s willing to help a person in need. I am a desperate mother today, begging and praying for help, because I do not know where to turn.

I know that I am taking a very big chance today, but I truly believe that somehow you will open your hearts to me.

I am from Roodepoort Gauteng. I am desperately seeking financial assistance, I did try everywhere, but because Of all my debt, I don’t get help from anywhere. To tell you about my situation, me and my husband are really struggling financially, we have 3 beautiful daughters, and we are trying our best to Give them what they need, but at this moment, its not possible. My dad died when I was still very young, so my mom raised me, my brother and My sister on her own, we had a very poor upbringing, but that’s the life of South Africans, to grow up poor, and we learn valuable lessons from that.

My brother is handicapped, and my mom is earning a very small pension , so I have to help my mom financially and medically because she is not Well at this moment, and she was also there for me, that why I am always giving my last to help my mom.

To be very honest, I am in a situation where I don’t know how to get out, because of all the medical expenses that had to be paid, and looking After 2 families, I am in a very bad situation.

I took loan after loan trying to survive, although I knew that was not the answer , but I didn’t know what else to do. I cannot afford anything At this stage, I can’t even get my girls what they need.

I know there is people of worse than me, but I am taking a step today, humiliating myself and begging for help. I really need to get out of this Situation that I am in. All I am asking for is just a push to get up again, just a little bit of financial help, I am willing to do whatever it takes, willing to do anything, please

Even if I have to pay it back.

If I can just pay off my debt, then I know things will go better, then I can give my children a better life, and also help my mom more, my mom is Old, and she doesn’t deserve to struggle so much at a old age, she and my kids just deserve the best, you must know how it feels when you feel So hopeless, and so useless in life, if you can’t even give your kids what they need, or if my mom medication if finished, or her food is finished, and I Don’t have money to buy for her, I can’t even sleep at night, worrying and praying for an answer from above, because I promise you, I don’t know what To do, I really don’t know what else to do, writing this letter, is my last option, my last hope.

I know you probably don’t help people like me, but I am asking you please to prove that there is still people out there caring about a fellow person Someone who is willing to show they care, please, I am willing to do anything.

All I am asking is to show that no matter who of what you are, that there is still someone out there with a heart of gold, someone who still believes that they can make a difference, someone , who would be willing to help me live a better life again, someone who would help me to know what I am working for in life, and that my kids can look up to me again.

Please if you can let me know, and please , if you can open your heart to me, please, I am begging you, I am willing to do anything.

Thank you so much in advance, and for reading my mail

Kind Regards


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