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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Published Author Fundraises with his Bestseller

Please read this great and interesting story from Mr. J.V. Presogna.

"I need to raise money because I live in abject poverty, but rather than ask for a donation, I am trying to sell an eBook to raise the money by sales.

Yes, I am asking that you buy my eBook for $2.00 instead of making a donation.

Buy J.V. Presogna's eBook now.

For the past several years I have lived mostly off of borrowed money, trying to make ends meet. Although I have produced more than 1,500 copyrights in 20 areas of the sciences and the arts over the past 47 years, I still live well below the poverty line.

I have been a published writer, composer and artist since 1970, and I do have my own web site. Yet, financially I am in very difficult times. At the time of this post, I have less than $200 in my bank account. I do not qualify yet for social security checks, and I become 66 years old on March 13, 2017.

You can easily verify my existence by using a search engine, finding my physical address in Portland, NY, and my web site on page one of every search engine.

I am 100% legitimate in all that you will find. I am in debt, and my mother passed away a few months ago, so things are not anywhere near where they should be. I would appreciate your buying my book to help me in this time of need.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hard Times for Caregiver, her Handicapped Brother, and Elderly Mother

Please find a way to help this amazing caregiver. Read her story below

"One year ago September 2014 my father passed away,, I had to leave my State of residence and my career to care for my brother.. I have been here caring for my handicapped brother and my elderly mom for 14 going on 15 months without any financial help.. finances are running out,, the govt will not help at this time.. we are at the beginning of the month and my family has already run out of money for the month due to bills and heat etc.. we do not have money to get through the tough times... I am going to ask that my full name not be posted.. We have no money for Christmas, no money for anything.. I am asking those who have the ability to help to give us a hand.. I have no bank account here and know nothing about tweeting.. anyone who can send anything they can have the address to send cash or money gram to the house or directly to Walmart in my town.. I know nothing about tweeting at all.. have little to no technology available to me.. Times are really tough.. I am a legit person with serious problems.. please let me know what you can do... thank you..."

Please find a way to help this caregiver at She lives in Lakemont, Georgia. She stated that she can receive money via Wal-Mart. Donors can also send money to her via Paypal. Once again, the caregiver's email is

Monday, November 16, 2015

Recently Graduated Student Wants Sponsorship or Financial Aid to Atted University Abroad

Hi My name is Jesca Edward Mikina, I am 19 and I am from Tanzania- Africa. I have recently graduated from high school. I saw your website on google today and so I am emailing you because I need your help to post this to people out there. You see I am the first born in our family and I have a sister. My dad retired last year and ever since our financial problems became worse than before and now he cant even afford to pay for our education. My mom never got to finish school so she has never had a job so we all depend on my dad. I want to study architecture and it has always been my dream to study abroad but we cant even afford the fees so I am asking anyone out there who is willing to help me by sponsoring me or financial aid or a grant or something to send me to a university abroad please help me so as I can also help my family.....PLEASE!!!!!

Help here via Paypal here:

Desperate Mother Asks for Assistance. Will you help her?

Please read this story of request below "

I am writing an email today, and praying deep in my heart that there is people that care outside, people who’s willing to help a person in need. I am a desperate mother today, begging and praying for help, because I do not know where to turn.

I know that I am taking a very big chance today, but I truly believe that somehow you will open your hearts to me.

I am from Roodepoort Gauteng. I am desperately seeking financial assistance, I did try everywhere, but because Of all my debt, I don’t get help from anywhere. To tell you about my situation, me and my husband are really struggling financially, we have 3 beautiful daughters, and we are trying our best to Give them what they need, but at this moment, its not possible. My dad died when I was still very young, so my mom raised me, my brother and My sister on her own, we had a very poor upbringing, but that’s the life of South Africans, to grow up poor, and we learn valuable lessons from that.

My brother is handicapped, and my mom is earning a very small pension , so I have to help my mom financially and medically because she is not Well at this moment, and she was also there for me, that why I am always giving my last to help my mom.

To be very honest, I am in a situation where I don’t know how to get out, because of all the medical expenses that had to be paid, and looking After 2 families, I am in a very bad situation.

I took loan after loan trying to survive, although I knew that was not the answer , but I didn’t know what else to do. I cannot afford anything At this stage, I can’t even get my girls what they need.

I know there is people of worse than me, but I am taking a step today, humiliating myself and begging for help. I really need to get out of this Situation that I am in. All I am asking for is just a push to get up again, just a little bit of financial help, I am willing to do whatever it takes, willing to do anything, please

Even if I have to pay it back.

If I can just pay off my debt, then I know things will go better, then I can give my children a better life, and also help my mom more, my mom is Old, and she doesn’t deserve to struggle so much at a old age, she and my kids just deserve the best, you must know how it feels when you feel So hopeless, and so useless in life, if you can’t even give your kids what they need, or if my mom medication if finished, or her food is finished, and I Don’t have money to buy for her, I can’t even sleep at night, worrying and praying for an answer from above, because I promise you, I don’t know what To do, I really don’t know what else to do, writing this letter, is my last option, my last hope.

I know you probably don’t help people like me, but I am asking you please to prove that there is still people out there caring about a fellow person Someone who is willing to show they care, please, I am willing to do anything.

All I am asking is to show that no matter who of what you are, that there is still someone out there with a heart of gold, someone who still believes that they can make a difference, someone , who would be willing to help me live a better life again, someone who would help me to know what I am working for in life, and that my kids can look up to me again.

Please if you can let me know, and please , if you can open your heart to me, please, I am begging you, I am willing to do anything.

Thank you so much in advance, and for reading my mail

Kind Regards


Son of Bucharest, Romania Wants to have a chance to compose and start a new life. He wants to Start Living!

Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I'm from Romania. I'm a young man who just wants a house of his own and can't manage to do it properly. I'm 22, I live in Bucharest and spend most of my time working 9 to 5 for a living, and after my normal schedule I usually take a part-time job as a writer or engage in several gigs around the city for some spare change. I was born in 1993 in a small town from Romania, and soon after my birth, my father died on the fronts of Iraq. That was his job and his duty, to maintain peace and put food on the table for me and mom. I had a hard childhood being without a father, bullied at school for I was fat, making fun of because I had fewer clothes and food than the others. Somehow I managed to do it and I was proud of myself. I engaged in studying IT and found myself at a break-line during 8th grade. During that period of times I was having large argues with my mom who had terminal illness, I was responsible of a home and also able to maintain work at school. Later on I decided to join the army and so my journey in life began. At 15 years I joined the army in search of something knew. I learned life the hard way out in the cold at in the morning. I had numerous prizes from high-school for participating in international history competitions and also sports related competitions. But in the meantime my life somehow tore apart all my dreams one by one. I dreamed of being a pilot but that was not accepted by the academy because of my leg problems from athletics. I dreamed of being a successful songwriter and performer but it seems that I lack the money to even record a demo and find a good manager. I dreamed of having a home of mine but as soon as my mother died, well, state government took my home. It was a home that my parents payed rent to from 1970 and it was the government's property.

After all these I attended university, specifically the Faculty of Mathematics and Information (IT software). But as I moved from my hometown here in Bucharest I soon realized that no matter how hard I try I can't just stay with the other students in the campus and go to hours. So I started working for several companies in the IT industry. Paying the rent for campus,eating,maintaining good clothes for faculty and tickets for the bus weren't free you know...

After I started to work I found that I can't go to faculty anymore. Bosses wouldn't let me study because of the schedule and volume of work. Also the faculty fee was too high for me to pay off.

Given these, I left faculty, lived in the campus till the end of summer and moved to a small studio apartment in the town to continue working.

As I am here right now working I find myself unable to continue with this life and for the first time I'm requesting help from anyone out there who wants to help me.

My last dream is to come in America and do something with my own life. I need to work hard, I need to pursue my passion of song-writing, in other words I NEED TO START LIVING. Never lived my life before this, always been on the run from town to town, rejected by family and thrown away by society. Why? Because I have an outstanding urge to crawl my way back every time I fall on my knees? Because I see others spitting on me and yet I do turn around never saying a word and continuing my job?

I have a life too and no matter how hard it is, well, I can manage to do it. Maybe not on my own entirely but with the help of you all.

I'm not in for large amounts of money. Just bit by bit every penny would be worth my cause. It may be a day or a month or 40 years until I can manage to do it but I'm sure that one day will be my day at last.

I need just an amount to get things done and by this I mean money for a HOME in USA. Everything will help, even a penny or 1 dollar.

Once I've bought the home in USA I can move on there and start a new life, find myself a job, pursue my dream and maybe, maybe I can live like the others: free, happy and most of all alive. My paypal account is : Thanks everyone, Michael

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Holiday Season: A Proud Family in Need - Donate to Yolande, Help her take care of her Kids!

Please read this heartbreaking story from Yolande about the financial hardship of her family. Please reach out and donate to her.

Here is her Paypal email: You can send donations to her through this email.

"We are a family of four trying to pay rent and have enough food to eat.

My husband has been out of work for six months and I lost my job due to layoffs and was out of work for two months. During this time, we were both looking for work I got hired a couple of months ago and he's still looking. He has applied to close to 150 positions and gotten approximately 10 interviews in person, by phone or skype, but with no success.

My income alone is not enough to support us. Since summer, we have slowly been going into debt, using my line of credit and credit card to supplement my income. We're now at the point where our credit has run out and we are short of rent, money for groceries, gas money for me to get to work and any other incidentals that my kids may require. We're behind on bills as well. We've had to sell some of our belongings (some dear to us) to survive.

He has taken a paper route to supplement our income while he still applies for jobs in his field and goes to interviews. We keep thinking "this one will be the one" and then it falls through. We still feel like it will happen soon, but until then, we need help.

I have a very hard time asking for help, but I'm starting to feel desperate. We are doing everything we can right now just hanging in here. I believe in paying it forward and will be back here to be a giver once we're back on our feet.

Please help.



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teresa Needs Your Help to Pay Bills and mortgage

Here is her story: "I need help to pay bills because of a lot of emergencies. I am now six months behind in paying my bills. I owe a lot of medical costs from having a lot of health issues. I am behind in my mortgage payments,utilities and water bills. I also am behind in all my other monthly bills. I had requested help before on the cyber begging sites but have only got $15 total. I really need help right away. You can send donations to paypal at"

Poor Kenyan Needs Your Help

Here is the story: "I am a very poor Kenyan, i am jobless. I have absolutely nothing. I need you financial assistance to help my family rise out of poverty and debt. You can send you donations by western union or otherwise to my cell phone number +254724832309 You can also reach me by email I dont have the rigth cameras and cables to connect to yhis computer and so i cannot provide any pictures today, please understand and help where you can. Thank you in advance "

Student In Need of Financial Aid

Here is the story: "Hello there I am a 22 year old girl who is attending college and in need of $300 as soon as possible. I already have $200 but need the rest by the new term, I have tried many sites and persons but to no avail! I am from a family of seven(7) living in a small house, most of the time my parents can hardly find it, my mom is not working at the moment and my dad is a cabinet maker. I really don't know where to turn right now and I am a brilliant girl who takes her school work very serious! Am not a scammer or anything like that I can give all my contact info n u get back to me at any time convenient to you! I really need the money please! May god's richest blessing be with you! Have a blessed new year. Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel"

Family Who is Moving to New Mexico Needs Your Help

Here is the family's story: "I am almost 50 and my wife is 29. We have a two year old little girl. We are moving to New Mexico from New Hampshire due to my health issues and arthritis. My mother in law also lives there. We have put a deposit on a motorhome and will be loading our belongings in it t move. The motorhome is a 1977, but is in good shape. We have come up with 1700.00 so far but must pay off the balance ($2000) by March. March is also when we plan to leave. I have been out of work for about 5 years now but we make due with what we have. Life is going to be so much better for me where. it's warmer also a better environment for my daughter who will be able to spend more time with her grandmother. Please help us pay off our transportation. Thank you."

Bradley Needs Your Help

Here is his story: "Please if anyone out there can help please I am desperate. I have kids depending on me and I'm not giving up but have lost every thing in fre at least we made it out but it happen at the worst possible family to help .so we are at mission that is crowded and want out I just need enough to get back on my feet. I am hard worker and always will do what I got to do.please help I cannot get loan tried that credit no. So please if this find s Someone sincere who can help please please do I beg. If I get the chance to pay it forward I will. They got us a to transfer mail. I'm not sure if I can put it on here but here Brad Hughes P.O.Box1853 Fairmont WV 26555 Bradley H."

Single Mother Needs Your Help

Here is her heartbreaking story: "My story has been a very long, never ending painful one. I am a single mom, that had a very well paying job that ultimately I was laid off of. After that, I consistently have not been able to find employment, and have lost just about everything. Items my daughter loved, I worked so hard to buy her we had to pawn, just recently my car that is totally paid off I had to pawn to keep the lights and water on. Now my situation is being in a home with no vehicle, no car to go to least food pantries to get food. I am too weak to walk to the bus stop due to the fact non stop not eating because my daughter comes first. We didn't celebrate birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Organizations in my area have provided no help, ones that can the waiting list for help is very long. Its a situation that just continues to get worse. If I don't pay a 129.00 heat bill by Tuesday my heat will be turned off. I am in desperate need of help. I have no friends or family to turn to in order to just get me back on my feet again so I am at a loss now what to do."

Please Help Leon Greeff: He lost his job!

Here is his story: "My name is leon we are realy in need please is there anybody that can help us please. our water and lights have been switch of and we are going to be evicted there are no food in my house anymore only have pap left for view days. i have done a lot of interviews last week but nobody has let me know yet for work. i dont know anymore what to tel my children anymore why they dont have real food at knight.i am praying from morning till knight that somebody could please help us. we are realy in need. i didnt send my children to school yet because i dont have school stuff and clothes for them.we are realy in need of help,please help we wil be very greatfull. we need R8500 to pay rent,water and lights get some food in the house and get my children back in school. i beg for somebody please help us. god bless. my email adres is:"

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Missionaries Teaching the Bible and Participating in Recycling Project all over the Dominican Republic Need a new Vehicle

Hello, readers, please find this great story below. Help these missionaries help others in DR!

"Please help use raise $8000

My wife and I are self supporting missionaries, serving in the Dominican Republic. We have been here for about 4 years. We love helping people in different areas of life, we teach the bible but we also help out in construction projects around the Island. We had the opportunity to volunteer in Haiti after the devastating earthquake that rocked the country, as well as participate in a country wide recycling project helping Dominicans be green.

We have been able to impact the lives of many people, but unfortunately our little 1999 Daihatsu Terios is down for the count. Our work necessitates us having a reliable vehicle. We don't want or need anything luxurious but we do need something safe. Please help us raise $8000 to purchase a newer vehicle and help us help others.

We accept PayPal donations to

We want to thank all of you in advance for your kind generosity and warm loving spirit. Especially in view of the Holiday season coming up."

Please help these Self-supporting Missionaries in the Dominican Republic to receive enough Financial Assistance to Purchase a Reliable Vehicle!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

13-year Veteran About to be Evicted: Help this Proud American Family Avoid Homelessness on Veterans Day!

Once you have read this heartbreaking story, you will find a way to help this veteran and his family. Let's pay back the men and women who have served in the military!

Here is the story Jim sent to us

"Hi my name is Jim. I am a 13 year veteran with an honorable discharge who has served during three conflicts. I recently got out of the Army in April 2013 I am on unemployment drawing $752.00 every two weeks. I do not receive any aid. My rent is $1195.00 a month. I have actively looked for work and have been unable to obtain a job paying more than minimum wage.

I have gotten behind on paying my rent due to paying for insurance that I desperately have to have because I have a wife with a medical condition. My unemployment barely pays my electric, water, vehicle payment, and insurance. I received a notice last week (Nov 8, 2013) stating that if my rent wasn't paid by November 15, 2013 the eviction process would be started. I have two daughters and I don't want to have to tell them that we are being put out in the street. I need help. I hate asking for help but I have no choice.

I have picked up Aluminum cans, tried getting odd jobs but still don't have enough to cover what I need. Any help would be much appreciated.

Please help Jim and his family now. "Hello. I was searching on the internet for help and came across your website post2beg. This is not something that I do all of the time and it is something that I hate to resort to but I have virtually exhausted all of my efforts in trying to seek help through veterans administration and other emergency agencies only to be told that I must be evicted or must have my electricity turned off before I can get any help. I do not want to let it get to that point before acting so I am asking that my story be told..."

Jim's wife's Paypal Address is:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Desperate, High School Senior Needs Your Help Now

Here is her story:

“I'm a senior in high school.. I just moved into my dad's house from my mother's because she can't really parent me from a jail cell. My dad was in the navy for 20 years and he is now disabled and he can't really get a better job then what he has now and it's basically just answering phones to listen to gm customers rant or rave. I have polycystic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, I'm anemic, have hypothyroidism, and I have been ..... assaulted four times so I'm supposed to be seeing a psych. We need financial help to cover my medical bills and for the house bills. I have no way to get to Ann Arbor from Saginaw because we don't have the gas money. (I live in Michigan and from Saginaw to Ann Arbor and back to Saginaw is three hours of driving and our vehicle gets about 15 miles per gallon. that's a lot of gas!) Ann Arbor is where my arthritis and kidney doctors are. Please help me. I feel really weird doing this, but honestly.. I'm desperate.”

If you can help her¸do so here:

Heartbreaking Story of a Mother of 4, One of the Worst Stories I Have Read Thus Far

Here is her story: "As I write this request I find myself at the end of the road. I have never written anything like this and feel terrible doing it. I am a mom of 4 and was living the American Dream until it all went wrong about 5 years ago. While in 3rd year of nursing school I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which required a total hysterectomy. I had suffered thru years of painful episodes but powered through. Trying to make a better life fore and my kids. I owned a home, a car and had lots of friends. Not only did this first medical problem cause me to drop out of school. It left me owing a ton of money for student loans, caused a bad home refi which ended up causing the loss of my home 3 years ago from an adjustable rate that tripled and a dependence on pain medication which took 5 years to beat. I feel defeated. I was traumatized over the loss of my impending career(and still am) , the medications and eventually cost me my home and car. That first surgery lead to numerous others, appendix, gall bladder, adrenal, intestinal removal and finally spinal surgery. Once they opened me up it has been one problem after the next. Even my family have become immune to my medical problems and I don't even get help with the kids anymore. I have patents who basically told me they really don't like kids and want to enjoy their golden years without them. My kids are so humble and well behaved. It boggles my mind. These poor babies, I'm all they have and we love each other deeply. They do great in school and I get them there every day. Gt students. I'm sure they are made fun of because they were old clothes, nothing in fashion and off brand clothes but you would never know it. Each day they tell me they had a great day when I know they didn't. So humble! I have battled with insurance companies and courts over medical bills , student loans and defaulted credit cards because I just couldn't keep a job due to all the missed time at work. I kept a brave face for my children and have always acted like all was fine. We have moved 3 times in the last 3 years and I just want my a house of my own and some semblance of a middle class life back. Now I'm on the verge of being homeless again. I will beg for a rental and to not check my credit and buy my family another year hopefully unless i can come up with some rent money. I managed to secure a decent job for the last 3 years and they allowed me unpaid time during each surgery. Although being told 4-6 weeks off is what i needed, i never took more than 1 or 2 only hurting my body worse. Sold everything I had of any value now there is nothing left. Some things that are gone I struggle with because they meant something to me and are now gone forever. I make excuses why my kids can't go to birthday parties because I can't afford to buy a gift. I feel like I have robbed them of their childhood memories and I can never get that back for them. I finally came to the conclusion that suicide would at least provide them with monthly social security money and force their father to take them so I just attempted, only to be found at the very last moment and lived. I was so angry because I felt they were better off with someone who could provide a more financially secure life. I have no family with means willing to help and I feel trapped. I skip meals so the kids can eat and live on cup of noodles after everyone had gone to bed. At 33 cents each its all I can do. Each day I'm afraid (and don't) answer the phone, they are all collection calls and I get scared when the door bell rings wondering if its someone else to serve court papers on a defaulted loan or card. The IRS wants past due money, and all of my utilities are extended as far as they will go. I'm literally about to lose it all. I have alienated myself due to fear and smile as if nothing is wrong so my kids think all is well. Ive run out o excuses why i cannot attend bingo and pampered chef parties etc... I watch these reality shows where a $10,000 watch is a normal purchase and think, that watch would change our lives. Now this past Monday as I was about to return to work from the latest 2 week unpaid medical leave, only to be told they have decided to go in another direction and maybe I needed more time to get well. As a small company they do not have to adhere to medical leave rules and had every right to let me go with no repercussions. In other words, I was fired. Told I can sell their items part time with no salary, just commission in the slowest time of the year for this business. There is nothing there to sell. I throw in the towel. Prayer, yard sales, begging ,nothing has worked. I have no options and don't know what to do. I have spoken to crisis teams to get my emotions in check but none of that will pay the bills. I hope there is someone out there who is willing to help a hard working, honest person get back on her feet and keep her family together. I do believe in pay it forward as well as good karma. I have done so much for other people but I have no one to do for me. I have been a good law abiding person who hit a 5 year run of bad luck I guess. Please, there has to people out there who can spare a few dollars here and there for essentials like gas and electric and food etc. Any help would be utilized wisely and immensely appreciated. A couple thousand would change our lives.even if its $5 at a time. I need to Pay my rent, irs, medical bills, student loans, groceries. Literally it would change everything. Please I beg you to post. I have 7 cents left to my name. And nothing of value left to sell.

PayPal :"

Recently Graduated in Broadcast Journalism Starts Getting Bills for Student Loans. Find a way to help him carry debt burdens

Here is a young man's story of debt: "Hello, I am 22 years old and recently finished school and am beginning to get bills for my student loans. I have not found my career job, yet and I am currently working a part-time job for about 25 hours a week. Until I find a full-time job it is going to be hard to pay all my bills. A little help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!

JP - paypal:"

Single Mother Praying For Help. Won't you Help her Now?

Here's this single mother's story:

"Hi All, I'm a single Mom to a wonderful Daughter. We have been the only one each other has for a long time. We both are collecting S.S. Disability. Which isn't much at all. We have never had a good life. I worked so hard getting good credit again. It took a long time. Then I had too much credit and I charged to much. I was keeping up with the payments pretty good. Then we were told that we had to move. In a way I was really happy that we had to move, but I knew we really couldn't afford any higher rent. We were paying $415 a month there. We looked real hard to find something that we could afford. We found a Wonderful place and we pay $650 a month and that's even on the cheaper side here. Rent is real high here. And we absolutely love living here. The old place was a wreck! The septic tank was always backing up into our backyard and our bathtub. The place was full of black Mold. My daughter has Asthma and it affected her breathing. The kitchen cupboards were falling off the wall so I had to keep everything in boxes in the middle of our living room. We had so many mice that we couldn't get rid of. and they were in all the boxes. The bathroom floor was caving in and the house was sinking in, in the middle of the house. They were suppose to put jack stands under the house before we moved in. We lived there 6 years and nothing was ever fixed for us. We heard gun shots every night! I was so scared when night time came. I wouldn't answer the door after dark. There were 3 murders on our street in the last 3 years. We also had to move because the Landlady's daughter wanted to move in there. Which she did. I heard that they remodeled the bathroom and the kitchen. We had to move and this was one of the cheapest places that we found. We just Love this house and the neighbors! And our landlord is the Greatest! It's the Best place I've ever lived in. We are so Happy living here. But now our rent is $235 more a month and we are having problems paying the bills. I get so many phone calls Everyday from Bill Collectors wanting their money. I don't know what to tell them. I have no answers for them. So I usually don't even answer the phone. I just want it to stop ringing everyday. I am so stressed out and I'm a Nervous wreck. Because of the financial mess that I'm in. I don't see a way out. From all the stress and all I have been picking and digging at my skin. Due to my nerves. I pick at my face, arms, legs all over. I'm a mass of open sores that really hurt sometimes. People look at me so funny because of all my sores. I am scared for life, And with all my stress I can't even stop picking and digging. Believe me I have tried. After being without a car for 5 years, I was given one a couple of months ago. It's a 1998 Ford Escort. It feels so good to have a car again. I feel free and not like I'm in prison anymore. But, now I have $54 a month insurance I have to pay. I don't drive alot or go away alot so gas isn't that bad for the price that it is. My car broke down on Sept.10th. I had to get it towed. I had it towed to the place my friend has her cars fixed. The bill came to $962.49 . They had to replace the alternator, the serpentine belt, and belt tensioner assembly, and a tie rod. Then they had to do a wheel alignment after putting on a new tie rod. I didn't know what I was going to do? I didn't have any money, I was broke until I get my check Oct. 3rd. With the repair shop knowing my friend and her husband they let me do a payment plan. With my friend co-signing for me. Now I have to pay $81 a month for a year. There is no interest for 1 year. I don't know what I'm going to do? We are already behind on our bills and utilities. Now we have another monthly payment. The bills I owe came to close to $15,000.00. Now I have another bill. My car still needs more repairs. It needs a exhaust system and the a/c and heater doesn't work. When you turn them on nothing happens. I'm really going to need a heater and defrost this winter. .If nothing else I have to pay the car repair bill. I can't and won't stick my friends with it! I just don't know how I'm going to do it? I'm in a heck of a bind and I have no idea how to get out of it? If only some way I could be Debt Free. I think we could make it. But we can't with all the bills. I never want to charge anything again. We were so much looking forward to having the holidays in our new house. But, I can't even see thinking about the Holidays this year. I don't look forward to much anymore. And they dropped my Food stamps down to $137 a month! When it rains it pours! And I can't find my umbrella. I'm sorry that this letter got to be so long. I could probably write a few more pages but I won't. I just wish I knew which way to turn? I would be So Grateful if there was someone out there that could help us. Thank You So Much for reading this. Take care."

If you feel touched by this story, help her here: