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Monday, November 16, 2015

Recently Graduated Student Wants Sponsorship or Financial Aid to Atted University Abroad

Hi My name is Jesca Edward Mikina, I am 19 and I am from Tanzania- Africa. I have recently graduated from high school. I saw your website on google today and so I am emailing you because I need your help to post this to people out there. You see I am the first born in our family and I have a sister. My dad retired last year and ever since our financial problems became worse than before and now he cant even afford to pay for our education. My mom never got to finish school so she has never had a job so we all depend on my dad. I want to study architecture and it has always been my dream to study abroad but we cant even afford the fees so I am asking anyone out there who is willing to help me by sponsoring me or financial aid or a grant or something to send me to a university abroad please help me so as I can also help my family.....PLEASE!!!!!

Help here via Paypal here:

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