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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Holiday Season: A Proud Family in Need - Donate to Yolande, Help her take care of her Kids!

Please read this heartbreaking story from Yolande about the financial hardship of her family. Please reach out and donate to her.

Here is her Paypal email: You can send donations to her through this email.

"We are a family of four trying to pay rent and have enough food to eat.

My husband has been out of work for six months and I lost my job due to layoffs and was out of work for two months. During this time, we were both looking for work I got hired a couple of months ago and he's still looking. He has applied to close to 150 positions and gotten approximately 10 interviews in person, by phone or skype, but with no success.

My income alone is not enough to support us. Since summer, we have slowly been going into debt, using my line of credit and credit card to supplement my income. We're now at the point where our credit has run out and we are short of rent, money for groceries, gas money for me to get to work and any other incidentals that my kids may require. We're behind on bills as well. We've had to sell some of our belongings (some dear to us) to survive.

He has taken a paper route to supplement our income while he still applies for jobs in his field and goes to interviews. We keep thinking "this one will be the one" and then it falls through. We still feel like it will happen soon, but until then, we need help.

I have a very hard time asking for help, but I'm starting to feel desperate. We are doing everything we can right now just hanging in here. I believe in paying it forward and will be back here to be a giver once we're back on our feet.

Please help.



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