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Monday, November 16, 2015

Son of Bucharest, Romania Wants to have a chance to compose and start a new life. He wants to Start Living!

Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I'm from Romania. I'm a young man who just wants a house of his own and can't manage to do it properly. I'm 22, I live in Bucharest and spend most of my time working 9 to 5 for a living, and after my normal schedule I usually take a part-time job as a writer or engage in several gigs around the city for some spare change. I was born in 1993 in a small town from Romania, and soon after my birth, my father died on the fronts of Iraq. That was his job and his duty, to maintain peace and put food on the table for me and mom. I had a hard childhood being without a father, bullied at school for I was fat, making fun of because I had fewer clothes and food than the others. Somehow I managed to do it and I was proud of myself. I engaged in studying IT and found myself at a break-line during 8th grade. During that period of times I was having large argues with my mom who had terminal illness, I was responsible of a home and also able to maintain work at school. Later on I decided to join the army and so my journey in life began. At 15 years I joined the army in search of something knew. I learned life the hard way out in the cold at in the morning. I had numerous prizes from high-school for participating in international history competitions and also sports related competitions. But in the meantime my life somehow tore apart all my dreams one by one. I dreamed of being a pilot but that was not accepted by the academy because of my leg problems from athletics. I dreamed of being a successful songwriter and performer but it seems that I lack the money to even record a demo and find a good manager. I dreamed of having a home of mine but as soon as my mother died, well, state government took my home. It was a home that my parents payed rent to from 1970 and it was the government's property.

After all these I attended university, specifically the Faculty of Mathematics and Information (IT software). But as I moved from my hometown here in Bucharest I soon realized that no matter how hard I try I can't just stay with the other students in the campus and go to hours. So I started working for several companies in the IT industry. Paying the rent for campus,eating,maintaining good clothes for faculty and tickets for the bus weren't free you know...

After I started to work I found that I can't go to faculty anymore. Bosses wouldn't let me study because of the schedule and volume of work. Also the faculty fee was too high for me to pay off.

Given these, I left faculty, lived in the campus till the end of summer and moved to a small studio apartment in the town to continue working.

As I am here right now working I find myself unable to continue with this life and for the first time I'm requesting help from anyone out there who wants to help me.

My last dream is to come in America and do something with my own life. I need to work hard, I need to pursue my passion of song-writing, in other words I NEED TO START LIVING. Never lived my life before this, always been on the run from town to town, rejected by family and thrown away by society. Why? Because I have an outstanding urge to crawl my way back every time I fall on my knees? Because I see others spitting on me and yet I do turn around never saying a word and continuing my job?

I have a life too and no matter how hard it is, well, I can manage to do it. Maybe not on my own entirely but with the help of you all.

I'm not in for large amounts of money. Just bit by bit every penny would be worth my cause. It may be a day or a month or 40 years until I can manage to do it but I'm sure that one day will be my day at last.

I need just an amount to get things done and by this I mean money for a HOME in USA. Everything will help, even a penny or 1 dollar.

Once I've bought the home in USA I can move on there and start a new life, find myself a job, pursue my dream and maybe, maybe I can live like the others: free, happy and most of all alive. My paypal account is : Thanks everyone, Michael

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